Kristen Gibbs is a classical and contemporary harpist in Austin Texas. She provides Harp music for weddings, private parties, events, restaurants, hotels, and any special occasion.  Kristen plays a large variety of music styles including Pop, Blues, Country, Classical and More. She performs as a Solo Musician or with her 3 piece Band. She services the Greater Austin Area. She also teaches harp and gives harp lessons out of her studio in Round Rock and North West Austin.  Please contact Harpist Kristen Gibbs for booking and pricing.

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Kristen has performed at countless events in the Austin area, venues include:

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For a contemporary and modern look!

Great for weddings, restaurants, assisted living, events, bars, live music venues, and more! This harp is 4 feet tall and rocks out!


Choose the Harp that best fits your venue and style of the event.

Prelude-  Approximately 20-30 minutes of music while the guests are arriving and being seated.

Processional-  This is the music performed while the members of the wedding party and the bride walk down the isle.

The Ceremony-  During the Ceremony interludes of music can be requested for moments during the ceremony itself such as: communion, unity candle, time of reflection, etc.

Recessional-  This is the music performed while the Bride and the groom and all of the members of the wedding party walk back down the isle during the exit song.

Postlude-   Music (1 song) immediately played after the recessional while the guests exit the Wedding Ceremony.


For a classical and elegant look!

Great for weddings, galas, fundraisers, funerals, garden parties, hotels, country clubs, and more!

This harp is 6 feet tall and is a show stopper!

Wedding Harp Packages

Full Celtic Lever Harp $350

Midsize Classic Lever Harp $450

Concert Grand Pedal Harp $650

Chapel Dulcinea Special Price $299

Call 512-810-2635 

for availability

The Bride and the Harpist will select songs in person or over the phone during a consultation. A Free consultation will be arranged to discuss the details of the wedding, location, date, ceremony only or ceremony and cocktail hour, the type of music, and who is walking down the isle to each song etc.


$350 Celtic Lever Harp

Call 512-810-2635

for availability

$450 Midsize Classic Lever Harp

Call 512-810-2635

for availability

Kristen offers 2 different styles of harp music depending on the occasion...

What's included

Cocktail Hour- $350/Hr  (Kristen plays Contemporary Music, Harp and Vocals, while the Bride and Groom take photos).

Amplification- $50 (Kristen will bring a sound system to amplify her harp and vocals to be heard if needed.



Step 3:

This harp is a beautiful classical harp! Great for weddings, restaurants, events and more! This harp is 5 feet tall and has an elegant look with a wonderful full body sound!

Harp music adds a touch of class to any wedding.  With over 15 years of experience, Kristen is able to cater to your  musical wishes and make your wedding one to remember.

Harp Music is a wonderful addition to any type of wedding. Kristen is classically trained playing everything from Bach, Canon in D, Bridal Chorus, Ave Maria and so much more. Although classically trained, Kristen provides contemporary song selections like Guns'n Roses, Patsy Cline, Adele, and so much more. Kristen offers a unique package where classical music is a great fit for the ceremony and contemporary music is perfect for the cocktail hour.  She provides a large diverse repertoire for all events, providing musical entertainment that is one of a kind.


Iguana Grill

Putters Cafe

Lost Pines

Cedar Street
Allan House
Bar Mansion Inn​​

Dos Salsas

Retirement Parties

Phone: (512) 810-2635

Select your choice of music- either classical music or contemporary music to fit your event.

Step 1:

Chapel Dulcinea Special Pricing $299

Step 2:

Additional things you might want to add to your event that Kristen offers...

Kristen offers 3 different harps depending on the occasion and budget...

Chapel Dulcinea Special Pricing $299

$650 Concert Grand Pedal Harp

Call 512-810-2635

for availability

*Please note: Classical music is harp only and contemporary is harp and vocals