Kristen has performed at countless events in the Austin area, venues include:

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Iguana Grill

Putters Cafe

Lost Pines

Cedar Street
Allan House
Bar Mansion Inn​​

Dos Salsas

Retirement Parties

What teaching methods are used?
Kristen Gibbs will teach how to play the harp, along with music theory, harp history, ear training, and learning how to read music.  Kristen also customizes exercises and chooses extra material based on the students level, field of study, and interest.

Learning to Play the Harp
The harp is a unique instrument and is known for its beauty. People appreciate the sound of the harp and the skill it takes to play one. People who study music have higher self-esteem and better success in school, in developing their mind and intelligence, in society and in life.  Music is a wonderful means of expression speaking what words cannot and is known for relaxation; physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Playing the harp can lead to a rewarding career and allows you to perform for orchestras, sophisticated events, teach in schools, or provide music for a church. Harps come in different sizes along with a variety of music for each person which helps promote all ages to learn to play. 

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 When and where are the lessons?
Kristen gives lessons in the Stone Oak Neighborhood located in North West Round Rock.  Lessons are given on Mondays or Tuesdays and are made to fit your schedule and occur at the same time once a week.  Please contact Kristen to see what openings she has in her schedule to reserve your weekly lesson.

 What skills will be taught?
Understanding Rhythms, Proper Harp Performance method, Aural Skills and ear training, Sight-reading and sight-playing, Memorization of compositions, Music Theory, Harp History, Harp Technique, Public performance skills, the correct practice method, Reading music

Fall in LOVE with the Harp! 

Kristen Demonstrates the Harp in School 

Learn to Play the Harp 

Harp Recital 2014 at The Texas State Capital 

Harp Students

"I've always wanted to play the harp" 
Playing the harp beautifully is a dream that all children and adults can achieve.

Featuring Jordan Whittaker playing Andante and Silent Night

Christmas Harp Recital 2018

 What is the Cost of Harp Lessons?
30 minute Harp Lessons are $45 (given weekly). Harp Lessons are given weekly and are 30 minutes to ensure skills and technique are taught and learned.  * Students will perform an Annual Harp Recital. * Harps are available for rental at $50 per a month. A $200 security deposit will also be taken at time of harp rental. Harp Rental is month to month.

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Phone: (512) 810-2635

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Harp Lessons
Playing the harp is a dream that all children and adults can achieve. Kristen offers private, one-on-one lessons by appointment, and are normally one hour per a week. I would love to talk with you over the phone to discuss your musical goals and interest in the harp and how I can help you. We will also be able to select a time and day that is convenient for both of our schedules to start your first harp lesson. 

 What ages do you teach?
Harp Lessons are provided for ages 7 and up. 

Kristen Gibbs is a classical and contemporary harpist in Austin Texas. She provides Harp music for weddings, private parties, events, restaurants, hotels, and any special occasion.  Kristen plays a large variety of music styles including Pop, Blues, Country, Classical and More. She performs as a Solo Musician or with her 3 piece Band. She services the Greater Austin Area. She also teaches harp and gives harp lessons out of her studio in Round Rock and North West Austin.  Please contact Harpist Kristen Gibbs for booking and pricing.

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